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FLUX Module

LED Grow Light Control Module

Architex's LED Grow Light Control Module provides intelligence and advanced control features to LED grow lights that use popular LED drivers with 0-10V dimming capability.

Sensors provide environmental awareness for air temperature and humidity and an on-board thermocouple may be used for additional autonomous safety features.  Additional features include PWM Fan control, Real Time Clock module, and remote wireless control.

Whether you are a manufacturer of LED grow lights as products, or a DIY enthusiast rolling your own, consider the FLUX LED Module as a robust shortcut for making your lights dimmable and smart!

Wireless Capable

    ISM band RF for remote control or program      manually for autonomous function.

Time Aware

Equipped with optional precision Real Time Clock, with battery back-up so it always knows the correct time.

Open Source

Arduino-compatible Open Source firmware.  Use our firmware as is or as a reference to roll your own.


Control Lights, Fans, and more

4 Independent Dimmer Channels

0-10V light dimming control. Perfect for popular LED drivers.

4 Independent Relay Channels

Control up to 4 external relays for turning LED drivers on/off, or other things.

Fan Control

4-Pin PWM 12VDC fans; on/off and speed control. One channel, two on-board ports, connect 6 or more fans with additional splitters.

Treeino MicroController Included

Arduino-compatible ATmega328P Microcontroller 32KB @ 16MHz, plant-safe green status LED, wireless options available.


Awareness Plus

Air Temperature

Useful metrics, can be used to regulate fan speed for efficiency.


Measure 0-100% relative humidity with 0.1% sensitivity.

Light or Fixture Temperature

K-type thermocouple provides awareness for autonomous safety features, can be used to regulate light dimmers, for example.


Additional pins available for expansion possibilities.

Do you manufacture LED lights?

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