Light Lifter

Patent Pending Industrial Grow Light Lifters from Architex

Lifting Height of 8' 


Adjustable center to center difference for 3'x3', 4'x 4',  6' x 6' etc.  

Components for hanging 5 lights

Covers 25' linear feet in one kit

Unistrut and Wood Joist mounting options

Compact-6" ceiling to top of light

Ideal for tight clearance issue as well as long vertical suspensions

Save Time

Raise and lower lights in seconds, not hours. 

Compatible with most Lights

Works with most types of horticulture lights.

Save Money

Maintain ideal canopy to light distance and get the most grow power from your lights.

For your convenience, we've built a kit for the common install.

Order our 25' Rollav8r kit plus installation kit.

Not sure how many Rollav8rs for your installation or want to customize?

Contact us for consultation, custom quotes, and discounts.